Pathway Cleaning.
Our team offer the most effective and efficient pathway cleaning service in Shepperton and the surrounding areas. Our method promises a genuinely satisfying clean for your pathways, leading up to your house and throughout garden.

Pressure Washing And Jet Washing Pathways

At Stonewashpro, we begin our cleaning process with our pressure washing service. We use a jet washer to clear moss, algae, and other organic material. Once we’ve completed our jet washing service, if the job isn’t completely satisfactory, we’ll do it all over again. We promise to deliver the best service in the Shepperton area and we’ll work to ensure that you’re happy with your pathways, every time.


Solution Treatment

We finish with a treatment stage during our cleaning process to give the absolute best results. At Stonewashpro, we use a highly effective and safe solution to your pathway to ensure that helps to break down the organic growths, such as algae and lichens. The treatment solution allows us to provide the best pathway cleaning in the local area, giving us the ability to completely wash away the rest of the dirt and decontaminates on your paving.


Year-Round Cleaning Service

We operate our pathway cleaning throughout the year in Shepperton and around the surrounding areas. The Stonewashpro team care about providing the best job for you, regardless of the weather conditions and size of the job. We’ll work with you to meet your requirements exactly, completely cleaning your pathways until you’re satisfied. Our two-stage pathway cleaning process ensures that you’ll see a new side to your paving stones and that they’ll stay pristine for longer than other cleaning firms in Shepperton.

Get in Touch.

Get in touch with our team today to arrange a time suitable for you for an appointment. We’re always happy to help with your driveway cleaning in Shepperton and the surrounding areas. Please contact myself, Tony Howes, proprietor, on 07719 122377 or email me at Alternatively, use the online contact form below and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. We accept card payments from all major providers to make sure that the entire cleaning process is as easy as possible for all of our customers in Shepperton.

Opening Hours

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