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Jet Washing Services.

Pressure & Jet Washing Services

Our jet washing service includes a treatment phase to give your stonework the optimal finish and keep it looking fresh, bright, and inviting for longer than simply pressure washing alone. We break down the hard-to-get grime and organic materials such as moss, lichen, mould, and algae after finishing the pressure washing to give the best results. Our jet washing is the best in Shepperton and throughout the region, with our team paying close attention to detail to ensure that the job is complete to your absolute satisfaction. If you’re not happy with the finished job, we can reapply our treatment and begin the process again until you’re completely satisfied.

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Our Process.

1. Pre-treatment

Firstly, we can apply a safe and highly effective cleaning solution to soften the grime and break down organic based growth.

2. Pressure Washing / Jet Washing

Secondly, our pressure washers remove general surface grime and organic based growth, leaving your paving looking clean and bright. Where required, a second application of our solutions can be applied to remove stubborn lichens.

3. Post-treament

Our equipment is petrol driven and simply requires a water supply at site. We respect the environment in which we work, taking great care to carry out our service with minimum disruption to your premises. We are covered by public liability insurance.

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The Services.

We offer expertise gained over years in the stonework cleaning industry and a fast, effective, professional cleaning service that we guarantee will satisfy your needs.


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We offer driveway cleaning services in Shepperton and the surrounding areas to make your house look fantastic and to keep you safe and secure from algae and other organic materials.


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If you’re in Shepperton or all surrounding areas, and are looking for professional decking cleaning services, then Stonewashpro is the place for you. Here at Stonewashpro, we proudly offer some of the most competitive, comprehensive, year-round jet washing services with treatments.


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For patio cleaning in Shepperton and the adjacent areas in the region, Stonewashpro offer the most comprehensive, year-round jet washing service and treatment.

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