Driveway Cleaning.
We offer driveway cleaning services in Shepperton and the surrounding areas to make your house look fantastic and to keep you safe and secure from algae and other organic materials.

Comprehensive Service.

We offer a complete driveway cleaning service for your home. We believe that the first thing visitors see when they come to your house should be a pristine driveway, and at Stonewashpro, we’re here to help you achieve that goal.

Our Two-Stage Process Involves:

1. Pressure washing and jet washing, which removes broken-down grime and growths from your driveway, leaving it completely clean.

2. A treatment phase, where we apply a cleaning solution to your driveway to help soften up the grime residue and break up excess algae and other stubborn organisms growing between your blocks.

With extra stubborn dirt and grime, we can go over the same driveway for excess cleaning. We always provide the most comprehensive driveway cleaning process in Shepperton and the surrounding areas, and we’ll always provide the best results using our two-step method.


Year-Round Driveway Cleaning

No matter what time of year, if you ever find yourself asking ‘what driveway cleaning service near me is still working?’, wonder no more. Stonewashpro offers a year-round service to make sure that the entrance to your house looks as good as it can for 12 months a year. Wherever you are in Shepperton, whatever time of year, whatever the weather conditions, we’re here to offer our exceptional driveway cleaning service for you.


Resin Driveway Cleaning.

For resin driveway cleaning in Shepperton and the adjacent areas in the region, Stonewashpro offer the most comprehensive, year-round jet washing service with treatments.

Our Resin Driveway Cleaning Process

Unlike some other jet washing and pressure washing firms, at stonewashpro we use a multistage process to ensure that every job is done to the highest level of satisfaction for our customers. We combine our jet washing service with a treatment phase to provide the best resin driveway cleaning in Shepperton and its surrounding areas, keeping your resin driveway looking cleaner and fresher for longer than a simple pressure wash.


Our Full-Service Approach

We work full-time, throughout the year, on every job whether big or small. We complete every job to meet and exceed your expectations, and if you aren’t happy with our first clean, we’ll go over it again. We’ll remove most grime caused by moss, mould, lichen, or algae on your resin bonded driveway and our solution will help to reduce organic growth in the future. Whenever you need a resin driveway cleaning service in Shepperton or the surrounding region, call Stonewashpro for a full-service, completely satisfactory job, well done.

Get in Touch.

Get in touch with our team today to arrange a time suitable for you for an appointment. We’re always happy to help with your driveway cleaning in Shepperton and the surrounding areas. Please contact myself, Tony Howes, proprietor, on 07719 122377 or email me at Alternatively, use the online contact form below and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. We accept card payments from all major providers to make sure that the entire cleaning process is as easy as possible for all of our customers in Shepperton.

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